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Smoke detectors save lives.

In NSW, it is a legal requirement that all properties have functional smoke alarms on every storey. Smoke alarms can detect smoke quicker than occupants can and they sound a loud alarm. It means you can be alerted of a potential fire risk on your property, even if you are sleeping or in an area away from where the alarm sounded.

If you need new smoke alarms installed or want existing ones replaced, we at ARC Electrical & Data are the experts to call. Our licensed and experienced technicians have worked with different types of alarm systems and can help you with information regarding these. Once you have made your choice, we can install them for you.  We recommend you opt for devices with battery backup but ones that can be hardwired into your electrical system.

Why Do You Need to Replace Smoke Alarms?

All smoke alarms are manufactured based on the Australian Standard 3786. They come with an effective lifespan of 10 years. It means you must replace all alarms within this timeframe to maintain adequate levels of safety. There are several reasons for this, including:

  • Increased Sensitivity Drifting – Studies show that old alarms are more sensitive, triggered by small changes in the atmosphere. They raise false alarms more frequently, which can frustrate a property owner. Some owners remove an alarm’s battery to avoid the noise, which places them and others on their property at risk.
  • Increased Risk of Failure – Several studies conducted by different government organizations indicates alarms fail more often as they grow older. All appliances fail around the 30-year mark, while more than 50% fail by 20 years. The probability of failure dips down to around 30% for 10-year old devices, which is why governments recommend switching them at this stage. 
  • Debris Compromise Devices – Dust, debris, insects, contaminants, electrical circuit corrosion, etc., can all compromise a device’s effectiveness. If your alarm is very old, it probably has a thick layer of grime over it. While regular maintenance can help, it doesn’t safely extend a device’s lifespan.

Look at the manufacture and expiry dates on all your alarms. If these devices are too old, call a trained and certified electrician for repairs.

Smoke Alarm Installation

Alarm devices should be installed in all living spaces for maximum safety. We recommend one in every bedroom, bathroom, living area, and hallways. If a room’s door remains closed at any time, install a smoke alarm in it. These devices can’t detect smoke through doors until it is too late, which can place your life at risk.

Experts also recommend installing alarms in staircases in multi-storied properties. Don’t install one in kitchens or garages because that can lead to nuisance alarms. Garages can benefit from heat-sensing devices that comply with AS1670.1. We make sure all property alarms are interconnected, ensuring everyone is warned of fire immediately.

Smoke alarms are a crucial aspect of your property and their installation or replacement is something you should never compromise on. For more information, feel free to call ARC Electrical & Data today.

We offer a full residential electrical service including:

  • Installation of Lights
  • New Circuits
  • LED lights
  • Safety Switches
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Powerpoints

We know that electrical problems can be stressful and hard

Labour, material and customer satisfaction come with every job we do. Our Electricians are clean and tidy. We’ll make sure your home is left even better than we found it. We are Experienced Professionals and we pride ourselves on our quality of work, attention to details and service.

We are locally & family owned and operated, and all of our technicians have full trade qualifications or Electrician’s license.  We are also fully insured for your peace of mind.

ARC Electrical & Data are here to help you with your electrical problems. Call us now to arrange a professional electrician to come and assist with your electrical issues.

Our Customers


Excellent service. We had a difficult situation and was responded to promptly. Great communication and the team had to work in difficult weather conditions to restore our power. We highly recommend ARC electrical.


ARC are a very reliable company. They arrived when they said they would, they documented all the work that needed to be done and took photos and then sent me a quote when they said they would. The team were brilliant and professional in their work as well as advising us of outdated smoke alarms we didn’t know needed replacing (the alarm themselves had expired and we didn't know as we had just purchased the house) so they replaced them on the spot for us also. Don’t just call them for a repair u can call them if u have an electrical issue and are not sure what needs to be done as they are great in finding solutions as well.


If you want exceptional standards, fantastic communication and people who are polite and respectful then Adam and he's Off Sider are the people you want. They arrived when they said they would, they called when they said they would, they did the job and more for the quoted price - no surprises. As a single female (I know - it shouldn't matter but we know it does), I rely trades people and hope I get quality ones. I struck gold finding ARC. I most certainly use them again and highly recommend them for sure! Nice work guys.


Highly recommend ARC electrical. Had some small jobs completed around the home by Josh. On time and pleasant to deal with. Will be getting them back for more work needing to be completed soon.

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