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Lighting is a crucial aspect of any property- residential or commercial. No matter what the setting, the carefully chosen lighting fixtures and effects can help create the right mood and make a home look welcoming. In offices, proper illumination can help improve the productivity of your staff. In retail and other spaces, task lighting and other types of fixtures can be used to create the right ambience to highlight an area or product.

Custom LED Downlight Installations

We at ARC Electrical & Data offer high quality, well-planned LED down lighting installation services for commercial and residential properties. These lights are 80% more energy-efficient than standard lights and are available in a variety of hues and colours, so you can create the perfect impact in various areas of your property.

Light Emitting Diodes are now becoming the norm and we too recommend that clients get their existing downlights replaced with LEDs. There are numerous varieties of products available on the market, with different illumination capacities and hues. Our experts are here to help with product-related information so you can make a better-informed choice about the types of downlights you want.

Different Types of Lighting

Most properties require different kinds of lighting for various purposes. An experienced electrician can help create a detailed plan, so your space has everything it needs to provide a comfortable environment. Here’s a look at some of the types:

1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient light fixtures create a comfortably bright atmosphere. They ensure your general vicinity is well-lit, helping you carry out everyday tasks like walking around, talking to people, finding items, light reading, etc. The most commonly used fixtures for ambient lighting include recessed ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendants, or wall sconces.

2. Task Lighting

Sometimes general brightness isn’t enough, and people need something that provides light to a specific area. Task light fixtures give this brightness for people to write, draw, cook, design, cut, repair items, etc. You can see small details and don’t have to worry about making mistakes because the area around you is too dim. Table tamps, study lamps, swing lights, under-cabinet lights, vanity bulbs, and track or pendant fixtures are all fixtures that can be used for task lighting.

3. Accent Lighting

Do you want to showcase a particular painting or sculpture? Or brighten some aspects of a room while disguising others? Accent lighting is used to create a three-dimensional look. It adds layers, allows people to highlight specific elements, and create a rhythm. For example, wall scones planted at particular intervals in a long hallway can create a dramatic, grand effect. Standard accent lights include wall lights, spotlighting, scones, and pendants.

4. Garden, Patio, Deck & Floodlighting

Outdoor fixtures are specifically designed to handle harsh weather conditions. They keep your backyard, patio, garden, driveways, walkways, etc., well-lit. These fixtures come in different sizes, shapes, and combinations. You can use them for ambient lighting or create a specific environment.

Unsure about what kind of lighting set-up you need? Get in touch with us at ARC Electrical & Data.

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