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The electrical issues that crop up from time to time in your home are an annoyance and can be quite dangerous as well. This aspect makes it necessary to identify electrical faults early and fix them before they get out of hand. There are many different things that can go wrong with the electrical components and installations in your home. Switches that heat up, circuits that trip too often or sparks coming from the power points are just some of them.

All these faults can be fixed, but you need to call in expert and licensed electricians on time. We at ARC Electrical & Data provide prompt and efficient electrical fault finding services and have the tools and equipment required to handle these jobs expertly. Early identification of electrical issues also means you can get them fixed before they escalate and become more challenging and expensive to fix.

Common Electrical Faults

Here is a list of common electrical faults:

  • Power points sparking & crackling when plugging in appliances.
  • The power switches off when you plug in a device and turn it on.
  • Power points heat up
  • Lights flicker throughout the property.
  • You see scorch marks on the light switches or power points.
  • Cracked or damaged face plates.
  • Loose or wobbly switches

Types of Electrical Faults

All electrical faults can be placed into three distinct categories. During an assessment, we determine the root cause of the issue before providing practical solutions. Here’s a look at these categories:

  • Open Circuit – This fault happens when something interrupts the flow of electricity. An electrical circuit experiences a break or a hole, which leads to disruption. Open circuit faults are often caused by loose connections, hot joins, broken wires, rust accumulation, or other such damage.
  • Short Circuit – Short circuit faults happen as a result of loose connections, faulty equipment and/or appliances or insulation failures. If the connection is secure, electricity will flow smoothly and without interruption. You get a blown circuit when a power supply is connected to a short circuit.
  • Earth Fault – An earth fault happens when there’s damaged insulation that’s leaking electricity. The current naturally seeks out grounding and will take a path of least resistance, which is often through a person down to earth.

Our qualified electricians conduct a thorough assessment to identify the root cause of these faults. We carry out repairs with minimal disruption, making sure your electrical system is safe once again.

How do We Carry Out Fault Finding?

Our technicians know how to spot clues provided by appliances and fixtures. It takes a bit of detective work, but experienced electricians can identify symptoms on sight. Here’s a look at what we do:

  • Collect information about your electrical system, like its age, components used, last repair or renovation, etc.
  • Check all symptoms of a fault carefully, tracing them back to a root cause.
  • Identify core problems that require immediate repairs.
  • Find related causes of malfunction to perform preventive repairs.

Once we have checked everything, our team will provide a detailed report with suggestions for repairs or replacement. For any more information, feel free to call ARC Electrical & Data today.

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