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Commercial properties require elaborate electrical and data set-ups, which can be a challenge for companies without experience in this field. We at ARC Electrical & Data offer high-grade commercial fitout services for commercial properties, such as restaurants, shops, offices and more.

Regardless of the shape and size of the project we are the experts that can handle every aspect of the job to industry standards. Our team approaches every project like it is unique, providing custom solutions that meet a client’s business requirements.

Range of Commercial Services

We provide a wide range of electrical and data services under one roof. Our team can handle projects of all scales, regardless of their complexity. Here’s a brief insight into what ARC Electrical & Data can do for you:

  • Commercial Electrician – Our electricians are well-trained and certified in their fields. They have many years of experience, especially in commercial electrical installation. You can expect top-notch services, innovative solutions, information about the latest technologies, as well as some expert advice. We’ll make sure your electrical system is safe, organized, and energy-efficient.
  • Data Cabling – All modern businesses require a sound data cabling structure because they rely heavily on communication systems. Few establishments can function without the internet or phones these days. We install sophisticated and scalable data cabling systems that are easy to maintain. Our technicians will make sure there is proper cable management, discreet wiring, along with convenient access points.
  • Lighting – Lighting is an essential element of a business environment. It has an impact on an employee’s productivity, a customer’s purchase behaviour, and a company’s reputation. That’s why businesses must put some thought into a lighting system. They should make sure there’s a right combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a comfortable, welcoming environment. Our technicians can help with this process.
  • Emergency Lighting – All commercial properties are required by law to have efficient emergency lighting. These fixtures must stay on for at least 90 minutes after a blackout. We will install an emergency lighting set-up that complies with all local regulations without fail.
  • Phone Installation – Our expert technicians can install NBN, VoIP, Optus, Telstra, and other such systems. If you’re looking for reliable, consistent communication, we can help.  

Cost-Effective and reliable Commercial Fit outs

As mentioned, we can help with all your commercial fit out needs. So, whether you are setting up a new office space and need electrical and data cabling done or need some wiring and power point upgrades to accommodate new electronic devices, we can help. 

We offer the best services at the most cost-effective pricing. Our company is focused on customisation and our experts will make sure that they have a clear understanding of your requirements before they offer solutions.

We are very honest on our approach to work and provide upfront quotes. For any more information about our services, feel free to call ARC Electrical & Data.

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